Waiting Families

Josh & Tia

We're from Virginia, We're open to visits!

We are a Christian couple looking forward to having the honor and privilege to parent your child. We enjoy game nights and vacations with our family, who are just as excited about the new journey we hope will be with you.


I'm from Florida, I'm open to visits!

God has placed adoption on my heart as a means to have a family of my own. I am excited to share my love of learning and travel with your child. I look forward to showing your child how precious and wonderful the life is and to helping them follow their dreams. I am open to letters, photos, and visits whatever is most comfortable for you.

John & Amy

We're from New Mexico, We're open to visits!

We enjoy car shows, traveling in our RV, and going off-roading. We know first hand the joys of adoption as John was adopted as a newborn. We promise that your child will know how much they are loved and to share their adoption story with them. We are excited to welcome a child of any race into our family and are open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

Nick & Amy

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

Howdy from Texas! We are excited to be first-time parents, and are so excited to welcome you and your baby into our family! We look forward to special moments like reading bedtime stories, playing games, and coaching sports. Our home is stable, filled with laughter, love, and support. We are open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits!

Franklin & Betsy

We're from Wisconsin, We're open to visits!

Hello from Wisconsin! We are a bilingual (Spanish and English) Christian couple who love to laugh, spend time with family, and enjoy the outdoors. We are open to letters, pictures, and visits and are excited to meet you!

Josh & Ashley

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

Hello from Illinois! We are a family-oriented, well-rounded couple excited to share family adventures, love for the Green Bay Packers, and our passion for God with your child. We are so looking forward to becoming first-time parents and are excited to build a relationship with you through pictures, letters, and visits!

Ray & Michelle

We're from South Carolina, We're open to visits!

Greetings from South Carolina! We have a strong desire in our hearts to grow our family through adoption. Our children are just as excited as we are about adding another family member to our household. We look forward to sharing our lives and hearts with you!

Timothy & Stacy

We're from Wisconsin, We're open to visits!

Family and relationships are important to us, and we are excited to share our lives with another child. We are an active and hands-on family who enjoys experiencing life together. Our home is filled with encouragement and stability, with the desire to provide opportunities for children to develop to their fullest potential and thrive in life.

Garrett & Amy

We're from Alabama, We're open to visits!

Hello from Alabama! We are a fun-loving, Christian family of 4 who enjoy spending quality time together. We are excited to expand our family through the blessing of adoption. We can't wait to open our home to a daughter and share trips to the park and family game nights with her. We look forward to sharing letters, pictures, and visits with you.

Barry & Camille

We're from California, We're open to visits!

Hello! We are Barry and Camille and we are excited to grow our family once more through the joy of adoption. We love serving at our church, going to the movies and playing all kinds of games. We look forward to welcoming your child into our family and are open to pictures letters and visits.